Jane Claire is a multidisciplinary artist from Rio Hondo, Texas. Currently living and working in Austin, Texas, her work is informed by history, wildlife, politics of space, romance and being a bad woman.

Her first proper release, sour grapefruit, comprises both music and the written word. The EP’s four tracks are an electronic ode to gently outliving one’s enemies, while sour grapefruit’s accompanying poetry book is a collection of somewhat nice (but mostly not nice) poems about her exes. The EP was produced in collaboration with Butcher Bear and a host of Texas-based electronic musicians: Kinder, Reaganometry and Out Of Place. sour grapefruit was released on the label Insect Records in February 2019.

In addition to Jane Claire’s creative practice as a musician, she’s also the founder of #bossbabesATX (a support organization for women and nonbinary creatives, entrepreneurs and community organizers) and actively works as a creative producer.

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