self-care / community care sessions

A community workshop and performance, “Self-Care / Community Care” explores empathy, boundaries and the constraints of human compassion. Hervey invites participants to question the limitations of advocating for themselves and others in public spaces and private settings that necessitate sharing resources. “Self-Care / Community Care” has been produced at:

Fulmore Middle School (2017)
Cherry On Top Marfa (2018)

“I used to love us,” a group show with ily magazine

In December 2017, Hervey produced a physical installation, featuring the poetry found in her forthcoming 2019 EP, “Sour Grapefruit.”

“At the Bishop art gallery in Brooklyn, nine women put their broken hearts on display. ‘I Used to Love Us’ is a pop-up exhibit curated by ILY Magazine that on December 1 and 2, 2017 showcased the work of artists based on household items that remind them of their ex-lovers.

‘Have you ever looked around your apartment and an ordinary household object catches your eye?’ curator and ILY founder Erika Ramirez asks. "All of a sudden you're no longer alone. You're in the midst of a memory with a past lover.’”

Read about the installation in VICE.